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A Photographer's Journey

What customers are saying

I had the pleasure of having Odalys do my maternity pictures. She is such a kindhearted spirit and made the whole process feel so effortless and fun. The thing I love the most is that she truly takes the time and puts in effort to understand your vision and she brings it to life with pictures that will last a lifetime. I can’t recommend her enough. they say if you do something you love you will never have to work another day in your life and that quote was made for Odalys. I am already planning another shoot :)extravagant 100 person event!



This page was made for those interested in taking photos in a creative space. Whether you are the photographer, friend or family member looking to capture special moments. This social page invites you to see all the options available to you.

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This page is my personal page & I give you all the access to behind the scenes and my personal life. I love to travel, I live in Arizona & I love to create content for daily motivation. Along with the unique content I create, I also show you the various projects I am working on weekly. 

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From all the travel experiences to different theme shoots, this social page shares with you all the creative ideas available for your photography.  Empowerment, love for travel and the latest photoshoots is what this page is all about.

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Summer 2023 Update

May 26, 2023

Summer is here in Arizona & Studio Photography has never looked or felt this good. Incorporating different spaces & props as part of the art we are creating today, O focuses on creating a vision you seek to life. Adding a creative touch on the computer or physically to your wardrobe, services include travel getaways with hotel bookings, a photography experience all in one. Inquire today to see how O can help you bring your art to you life!

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Easter is Almost Here!

April 1, 2023

Be sure to save the date for your upcoming celebration you plan to capture or create for yourself and family.  From a travel adventure to a family photoshoot or couple's elopement getaway to honeymoon celebrations. O is sure to have something for everyone, including maternity magic or Creative Setups for toddler's first memories! 

Inquire today to get all your questions answered, let's save some time to hop on a call to create for YOU.  Click the button below to view services offered. 


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Virtual Classes Available

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An ongoing series of informational entries for you to read, consider & create within your own power if you choose to express yourself creatively. O will focus on sharing the latest classes for you to join or review based on where you are located.

Creative Photography & Sustainable Fashion

CLASSES AVAILABLE - Subscribe today!

March 1, 2023

As a creative photographer who specializes in Branding & Fashion O has decided to create an on going series of classes that will teach you things from how to recycle and recreate a new wardrobe from Fashion already in your own closet AND how to think sustainably when it comes to your business photography. 


How to create for your business using creative photography & sustainable fashion to figure out a fashion & style that represents who you are and what your brand is.

Teaching you methods of saving you time by using apps to create for your business & the use of recycling clothing you no longer want, too photographing with that very same fabric to recreate an outfit for your business or props you may need for your brand.

O will be teaching you the beginning of beautiful new habits in this skill for your business to stay sustainable & save you some money in the long run while being creative for your business.

The learning of reusing and recycling in the Photography industry is not spoken as often or explained in a way O will be teaching you in this class. With the help of Studio 93 in Phoenix, Az, O will be offering these classes in person with discounted offers exclusive to class members.

The in person class ticket price will be a value of $100 and will teach you as a beginner in this course the introduction to Sustainable Fashion & Creative Photography for your business.

For those looking for advanced classes in fashion who want to complete a project presented with guidance. Owner of Studio 93 Angie, teaches different levels of classes so you can complete these projects at your own time & pace. These classes would be a separate fee, and can be discussed in person after your attendance.

Ticket fee must be paid before your class to get you scheduled that same week or the following week for the next class.Sign up today by submitting your information below. 


We love meeting new happy creatives & cannot wait to connect with you!

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Valentine's Day Boudoir

February 7, 2023

It is time to let go, have fun and be the best version of yourself. I am here as your photographer, friend, stylist & creative director if you let me help you. Book your photoshoot today. How does this work? Choose your location, save the date & choose your photo package that best works for you. I cannot wait to meet you & create.

Welcome 2023

January 7, 2o23

This year our goal as a company is to make sure we care for the environment by offering a service where renting a dress or re-using a beautiful outfit to create a new one will help in less warehouse manufacturing & pollution. Here at Oshoot Photography we care about the environment and how we create within Mother Nature. The first of the dress collection offered by The Red Door Studio will be this beautiful handmade gown. Request to book the Aurora Gown for your next shoot. This beauty is now available in sizes S, M & L. Custom matching gloves can be made at request. This dress has a pearl like color and can be used for birthday, maternity, or wedding photos. It is very long, and works best for posing not walking. Let O's creative touch bring this magic to life for you and request a quote today. Book a Sedona Getaway photo experience or an in town city rooftop shoot. Which ever you choose, this dress is made to turn heads and bring out your femininity with a romantic feel and view all around.  

Rent Aurora Today

Let's Talk Fashion Photography at Studio93

December 1st  2022

Since meeting owner Angela of Studio 93, I have had the amazing opportunity to offer a creative course in FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY towards the end of this 2022 year at the creative academy.

Creating this course & going through the learning myself has truly enlighten me further into my feminine energy. I feel aligned in my purpose to continue sharing unique fashion advice, tips, design & art with my students, viewers, and clients.

Now I encourage you to please submit any requests you wish to create, as with enough time in mind, anything is possible! From a very unique photoshoot celebration to creating & designing your own outfit for the shoot, this is the liberty I wish to create for my clients. 

Studio 93 is currently educating students to learn more about fashion & now photography too. I will be hosting classes at the creative academy in Phoenix December 27th & December 28th this month. Introducing you to the world of Sustainability in Fashion Photography.

Coming January 3rd & January 4th will also be available dates for this photography class introduction. Please message me for any further details and be sure to follow us on instagram for information. I will also be blogging and posting more information on this website soon.

Studio 93: 

Custom Orders in the Making

November 3, 2022

At the end of October, I had the pleasure to meet owner of Studio 93 in Phoenix to help me bring some ideas to life. I love helping women in business grow their art to expand the ideas one has in mind. Stay tuned for all the fun projects to come. That's right! Custom gowns for your shoot & more coming your way. Click the link here to follow Studio 93 on Instagram.

Angel Energy Boudoir Minis

Now booking 

October 2022-February 2023

Welcome! My name is O, as your photographer and creative director it is my pleasure to help you discover further into this self love journey you are on. This series was originally created for all my brides who are looking to master their angelic selves before becoming a WIFE. Now, as we get closer to Halloween I wanted to recreate a shoot that EVERYONE could find a part of themselves here. 

Currently booking ANGEL ENERGY BOUDOIR minis for those who wish to celebrate their present self in a way that LIGHT or DARK feminine energy speaks.

You will have a choice of dark wings, white wings or both to choose from for this photoshoot. The current back drop you see is an example of the light angel you can dress up as. Click the learn more to see a sneak peek of both looks. 


Mommy and Me Photoshoot

October 22, 2022

Let's break it down! A family photoshoot is not always the easiest but it definitely is the most deserving to cherish and an incredible experience with your loved ones. This shoot consists of much love, laughter & personalization for YOU. Time is of the essence and your little ones are only small once. The memories and experiences you create for your children are the photos they will look back at and cherish for the rest of their lives. Are you ready? Let's get started!

Fall into Place 

October 7, 2022

As 2022 quickly fades, with only 2 whole months left in our year.. what will you accomplish before this year ends? How about a photoshoot of your dreams or memories you never thought to capture? For me, helping my local community find their inner beauty & strength to create the magic they never thought possible is one direction I have found myself leading others towards. With self love, trust & joy to lead the direction this is only the beginning to a beautiful new chapter in all of our lives. Enjoy the now because tomorrow is never promised, 

How to Choose Your Photographer

August 22, 2022

Thank you so much for taking the time to do some research when it comes to your art. The art you purchase from each photographer not only comes with a piece of who they are but a whole experience with them too is derived from this. 

That is why, the moment you reach out to a photographer to find out more about the services a creative offers it is important to interview & ask as many questions as you can before booking a photoshoot.

If this person is kind, communicative & especially creative, this is someone you may want to work with! Be sure you research their past work, reviews & website. These few things alone determine whether you should continue searching or you found the perfect photographer for you. I hope this helps you as you search for what works best for you. 



July 22, 2022

July has been full of so much love, surprises & sweet memorable moments. I would have never thought this 2022 summer would arise such opportunity & growth! A little word of advice, NEVER STOP SEEKING GROWTH. 

During this hot month in Arizona the heat I was able to capture a very well planned baby shower proposal & a very last minute 97th birthday family photoshoot. The result here, two very beautiful & different results in art. Here I was able to release my BIG SECRET. Introducing THE RED DOOR STUDIO located in Phoenix, for any type of photoshoot, my goal is to never stop creating, growing & capturing life's most beautiful moments. 

"What lies behind us & what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

Elope to Buy a House

June 22, 2022

Are you and your love partner currently deciding whether you should buy a house or focus on wedding planning?

In all honestly, this situation is different for everyone. But if there is any advice I could give my younger self, it would be: SAVE, SAVE & PRIORITIZE! You will have to consider the budget you wish to focus on for a wedding party celebration &/or elopement. There is your family to consider if you have any kids. For us, we decided to elope. We said we could sacrifice a little, travel and enjoy the time we had while no kids are yet present in our family. And we did so, the best 7 years, and counting.

Fast forward to today's house market, from personal experience... it has felt like a total emotional roller coaster. There were SO MANY times my husband & I lost hope, and thought we would not succeed and "settle" for something, right? WRONG. Let me tell you, just like your love story began.. it has not ended here! If you decide to enter your relationship knowing there is commitment, love, friendship, authenticity and trust as a couple, know WHAT IS FOR YOU IS MEANT TO BE FOR YOU! 

Summer of Love

June 4, 2022

Meet Adam & Sasha.

These two love birds are engaged to be married in the BEAUTIFUL San Diego, CA. I am so grateful I met these two in the desert for their engagement photos near North Phoenix. So many beautiful photos, click the link below to view a sneak peek on Instagram & see what the Oshoot team has been up too.

Eloping Magic

April 22, 2022

An elopement magic like no other is how your celebration should move forward. Be confident in your love and trust your partner to be there for you in the process to plan and execute your dream celebration in mind.  

Let our team help you coordinate, create and celebrate your love the way YOU and YOUR LOVE wish to do so. Even if you are on a budget, do not let today's dollar sign stop you from creating the dream celebration you deserve! 

Date Night 

at The Duce

March 23, 2022

Picture a warehouse full of string lights, fun colors and picnic vibes at every corner. And at every corner a bar, and from one bartender to another, these cocktails are worth the annoying parking outside. My recommendation, UBER! It's a hidden local gem, but you will be sorry if you do not check out this place at least once! 

If you get lucky, like tonight the Duce is hosting an event by RAW artists calling it the RAW Fashion show. And guess who will be photographer but mostly model for Miss Pilar Aguilar Hairstylist. I cannot wait to show you everything going on this wonderful evening. Follow my stories on instagram to stay connect and see all the behind the scenes.  

Engagement Photos in San Diego, CA

March 3, 2022

This decade is going to offer us with the best date combinations for those couples looking to mark their date with a meaningful number to those who are superstitious or simply looking to have a fun date to remember. I am having fun choosing when to blog based on these fun date markers. For example today's date is 3/4/22 and one of a kind & we are ready, lets go! The beginning of more travel photography coming up. This weekend if you follow us on social media, you'll find me mostly posting stories and reels from our work trips. 

Stay tuned as we celebrate Bride Lara with our bartending services BARMAGIC offers & a mini photoshoot. For the lovely chicas celebrating Lara, I will be treating them with some laughs & posed portraits while capturing their candid moments for a quick moment of glamour and fun. 

I can't wait to show you what Bridesmaid Niree decided to book Bride Lara for her Bachelorette weekend with the girls.

SNEAK PEEK:  This actually is a sneak peek from our previous weekend in San Diego, CA. I was headed down for a family trip and last minute, The Haywards and I found each other online & we quickly found ourselves here Saturday. Their gallery is almost complete, as soon as my clients receive their photos, I will be sharing their Art Gallery with you. 

Boudoir Photography

February 11, 2022

As I get ready for my husband's birthday and Valentine's Day weekend, I cannot help but think how many of us ladies are wondering what to gift the special love in our lives.

I have decided to offer creative BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY all year round on select dates. Please do not hesitate to send me a message to communicate the details you are seeking for your shoot.

Boudoir means something different for everyone, what will it mean for you? 

Sedona Today

February 22, 2022

My plan for the Oshoot business is to continue to grow & mold it into the creative brand I wish for it to be while its soul purpose is to help those couples ELOPING TODAY.

For couples looking to specifically elope or simply getaway for a weekend or week for the spring, summer, fall, or winter. 

Although, with many locations Oshoot has decided to start locally & help Sedona Brides today. By creating a Facebook group to help you specifically find local vendors willing to help you coordinate & travel to you from the city to Sedona.

Hope these two Facebook groups can you find some ease in your planning.



February 2, 2022

As we approach Valentine's Day, and a symbol of love, friendship & long lasting connections, we bring you a Capricorn collaboration with The Enlightenment Company. Delia is the owner, creator, & master of this wonderful creativity her business offers. I am so happy to announce this awesome partnership as we focus on promoting several goods one can use for bridal party gift sets to self love. The options are endless! Join us on Instagram today for some behind the scenes as we photograph & indulge in self love at a Glendale bar on this Wednesday evening. That's right. You read that right! During a date night with my husband I found an incredible little Arcade Bar that offers many colorful and artsy walls along with some spunky looking cocktails. Lucky for me, I found this gem and decided to shoot my Valentines Minis here. Which leads us to collaborating with Delia herself representing her business, The Enlightenment Company.  


For 15% OFF

Coordinating & Photography Services

January 29, 2022

Are you searching for a photographer to help on bringing the magic you have envisioned your love story to be, come to LIFE? But you do not know where to start?!?!

As I grow in experience on how to help my clients, the amount of ideas and creativeness are endless! 

Your photographer & coordinator in my opinion should be one of the SAME. An epic getaway with photos and an experience you and your lover WILL NEVER FORGET & have memories to cherish for the rest of your lives. This is my goal as a creative director, photographer & travel coordinator at your service. 




Eloping In Hawai'i Update

January 17, 2022

It has now been a month since our elopement in Maui, and we realize COVID-19 continues to make things harder for couples looking to travel to the islands. Be sure to get your booster shots if you plan to travel to Hawai'i soon. It is now state mandatory to be fully vaccinated to enter Hawai'i, and trust me when I say IT'S WORTH IT.

An epic time, a beautiful scenery, breathless experiences, and delicious shrimp tacos are just a few of the things you cannot pass on lol just let Hawai'i happen. 

Now how about this amazing sneak peek my photographer from our elopement & engagement photos Chloe Stanton sent us today. With such waves and roaring lava cliffs, I could not help but think a cape would be EPIC flying across in this scene. Was I right? I am so happy we eloped and chose Ironwoods Beach as our location for our ceremony. This image alone took 3 hours for Chloe to create!!!! INCREDIBLE. Um, and yes b*tch, it's going on a CANVAS! 

Creating Your Own #WeddingHashtag

January 10, 2022

Get your best friend and note pad ready, oh yes! You will need a 2nd opinion especially if you want to roll through these options and apply your last name using your own creativity. I wish you all the fun and luck to discover your own hashtag. It's going to be fun! Just be sure you give yourself some time. 

Here is the website I used to create #LinaresAtLast. Currently and forever obsessed, after 7 years to finally say "I DO" I think it suits us very well, lol.

Visiting Oahu, Honolulu

January 7, 2022

As today marks a one month anniversary for my husband and I being married, we celebrate by sharing one of our most precious held memories. A waterfall hike photography session with local Hawaii, Oahu photographer Acacia.  When in Honolulu, there is so much this wonderful city offers for everyone so be sure to find YOUR fill. I booked Acacia almost 6 mos. in advanced before our actual photoshoot but this was because I knew it was an experience worth the save even before trying!

As she takes you through the bamboo forests to discover a secret waterfall in Oahu, it was an experience my husband and I will cherish forever and memories we will hold close at heart. If you wish to see other photos of our trip, I am continuously revealing them on my personal instagram account 

Flowers in Maui

December 6, 2022

Okay adventurous brides, imagine yourself already on the island and you want to explore but it's pouring rain outside. This was my exact scenario and I only wanted the freshest flowers available. I did not want to spend more than $300 on florals and well after exploring the island on an awesome eco-friendly car, we were able to get around and find everything we needed on the road to Hana, Safeway & a local florist I found on Instagram.. I was very pleased with everything we found, starting with Nahiku Garden Farm. It is located in the lush Ko’olau Forest Reserve, just outside magical Hana on the northeast shore of Maui. Here you must stop and say hello to Cameron. He will definitely give you a proper tour of the garden! Here I was able to find and create 3 floral bouquets, a boutonniere, a flower crown & 2 leis for our ceremony. How much you may be thinking? Well after exploring Sunday and a little bit of driving on Monday, we were able to find everything for about $280, so let's just round it to $300 to count the $20 fill up on gas. Which by the way, gas is not cheap while on the island, so be sure to rent a car worth your buck! Be sure you consider to track down a florist ahead of time, who will actually reply and communicate to you on what is available to order and purchase for the time you will be on the island. A lot of florists were quick to communicate they were "too busy" with larger orders so if you are able to find a local flower farm that has an Instagram account, SAVE IT & FOLLOW! Florists I found out are most likely to share the specials and current flowers in season. Which will be easier  for you when searching closer to your date than before the actual day of your event. The weather and so many other unforeseen natural causes can cause a change in the flowers available. 

Married on a Tuesday

January 5, 2022

While searching and deciding what date would be a good day to get married, my husband and I merely focused on the date our actual anniversary landed on. This made it easy to choose Tuesday 12/7/21 for our special date. We honey-mooned Thursday to Thursday and got married on Tuesday while enjoying all the festivities we planned for our selves 2-3 days before and after tying the knot. It was the best decision in planning I truly believe and suggest this to any bride doing their research now before flying out. 

Now if you are not fortunate enough to choose the date you are getting married, know that it is indeed a bit less expensive when wanting to get married Monday-Thursday. Why? Can you imagine the demand for how many lovely people want to celebrate and choose the weekend to party and celebrate? Almost everyone of course! But, if you choose wisely, you may end up finding the location to yourself if you are eloping or looking for a more unique place to elope or have your reception. 

This is us on to the right eloping at a beach we have NEVER visited before our elopement. We had only dreamt about this location for the last 6 months before saying I DO. It was the most majestical moment in my life to this date to find the location as beautiful as the pictures I found on google.

Happy Planning Beautiful Brides!

Give yourself a pat on the back for researching this now vs. later, cheers mamasitas! 

Bridal Alterations

January 4, 2022

For all the lovely ladies wondering what to do for alterations, here are some tips I suggest based on experience.

1. Make sure you have enough time and consider the length of time it may take for you to be away from your dress until you need it for when you say I DO. This includes the color of shoes you will be shopping for to the accessories & extra pounds we tend to gain and loose throughout the seasons. I left a little bit off my waist and my dress was nearly falling off day of my elopement. It was a good size but I did way too good in watching what I ate, I slimmed down a bit much and well it's fine, I am not complaining just sharing my story. 

2. Accessories can always be added. Like a push up, in my case I did 2x the push up to extenuate the girls and feel more confident with myself during my photos. For everyone it is different, personally for me, this was a must. David's Bridal also had an area where there was a deal of buy one get one 1/2 off. With this deal I bought 2 veils and told myself it was the total price for both. Haha, what? I know. Their service is not the greatest but it's a great place to start when it comes to getting an idea of what type of options are out there to view. This was the 3rd place I had visited and told myself I did not want to continue searching. 

3. Cross the border for alterations if you are able to. Not only can you probably find THE DRESS but it may only cost you a fraction of the price it would here in the states. In addition to this, depending where in the states and close to the border you may be, alterations can cost you as little as $9!  Okay little fib, it was not for my dress but we paid this for my husband's suit. Crazy cray right?

4. For the right price, you can do whatever you wish to your dress. Take my one of my 2 dresses for example, both bought at David's Bridal, starting with a simple $399 white dress. I added $290 in alterations which did the hem, a lower v-neck, push-up bra, and a slit on the left side of my dress to hide my scars on the other side of my leg. I still wanted to show some leg but not too much. Point being, give yourself a budget if you truly want to stick to it and be reasonable with your spending. If you do not care, then be sure you browse all online options similar to what you want. This will give you the research knowledge to understand and know what to expect when getting a bang for your buck. 

Happy planning beautiful brides. 

Be sure to join the Facebook group: ELOPING TODAY for more ideas and help on vendor search in the planning of your special day.

Bridal Wear

December 30, 2021

Can't decide what to wear for your up and coming bridal activities? Be sure you join us on the group ELOPING TODAY to find out more tips and vendors to help YOU. 

Today's postings included

Their instagram describes it as "sustainably & ethically produced dresses for the thoughtful bride."

You ever heard of a dress to be sent back to the vendor after your few uses to get it returned dyed, hemmed, and look like a completely new dress?!?! Well, I definitely think it is a choice to consider for the long run.


Brides of 2021 & 2022

December 29, 2021

I am so excited to see there are so many beautiful ladies expecting to marry in the upcoming year. As many brides get ready to tell their experience, I decided to build a safe place for all lovely brides eloping and looking to share their love story. 

This link here, will direct you to the ELOPING TODAY Facebook group. 

To all the brides that join, I hope this group helps you and gives you all the knowledge you are searching for. 

One quick tip you may find in this Facebook group:

Whether you are searching to sell your wedding dress or buy one as unique as you, this website can help you find or get rid of a wedding dress you no longer need or are looking for.

 I hope it helps you!


Bridal Boudoir

December 28, 2021

From the moment I got engaged, I knew I wanted to return the favor to my man as a simple visual thank you. What this meant for me was trusting a photographer to create and bring my ideas to life. This meant providing a backdrop, props, and lingerie for myself to use for the shoot. I was blessed enough to have a simple idea of having wings and the color turquoise represent what I wanted to create for this photo session. 

I have kept and continue to collect beautiful bridal pieces for my clients to use for their bridal boudoir sessions. Make up  and hair services can be added for an additional cost. At the moment, I am offering mini sessions at the affordable price of $125 a session for 10 digital edits at the convenience of your home.  

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, comments or concerns. I am here to help every step of the way!

Vow Books

December 27, 2021

If there is one tip I can give to all the lovely brides doing their research it would be LAMINATE YOUR VOW BOOKS before your date if you can. Going from dirt to rain to mud to who knows who's pocket can be quite the ride. Treasuring and caring for the little things that you will value forever will go a long way down the road. 

I will forever love the story these vow books will tell but I would much have preferred to wipe the mud off once the picture was taken vs the books forever imprinted. But I guess they will now tell a story forever, lol. So it really is up to YOU & what you would prefer.


His Suit & Her Dress

December 22, 2021

We flew American Airlines from Phoenix to Honolulu for our elopement. "The flight attendees have a maintenance closet they could probably store your dress in" is what I would have preferred to hear vs. the other rumor. Which was, "YES, they can store your dress in the first class closet." Save yourself some time and stress and just fly first class. Your bags are included at no extra charge and your experience over all has suddenly been upgraded to accommodate you better on your celebrations and long travels. So yeah, do yourself a favor and start searching for the first class flights within your budget, you may just score yourself a wonderful deal. If not, you can always connect with a travel agent to help you answer further questions and better accommodate you. 

I stuffed my veils, dress, and his suit altogether in separate cover slips but the same carry on and paid a little extra to keep it with me on the way there. On the way back to Arizona, no one said a word to us even though it was bigger than a typical carry-on bag. In total we paid $70 to make sure we brought our suit and dress with us to Hawaii. There was no way we were going to travel 3,000 miles into the ocean and have my dress lost. Now, I wish you the best of luck in traveling and making your dreams happen! Cheers.

Oahu Waterfall Shoot

December 21, 2021

We left Maui at check out time near 11am. Now by this time, we had already returned our rental car and made our way to the airport. By 1pm we arrived in Honolulu, picked up our rental car and met with local photographer Acacia in Oahu. Honolulu is such a huge city, it reminded me a lot of Vegas! There is so much to do for everyone. I am very happy we started in Oahu though. Here we did 2 waterfall shoots and got to explore in the most awesome way with Acacia. After the week's tropical storm, we were able to see a full waterfall! Stay tuned, I will be sharing all the photos here very soon. The photo you see to the right here, is straight raw from my camera, no edit whatsoever. After a very muddy and adventurous hike with Acacia, this was our first stop.

Sunrise at Haleakala Crater

December 20, 2021

We decided the day after our wedding we would rise to the highest point in Maui and watch the sunrise together. Now, if you want to drive yourself up, it is recommended you take warm clothes and some snacks, perhaps breakfast too. If you decide to do the Skyline Eco-friendly tour like us, they will drive you and educate you as your head to the top. They provided us with jackets, but I do suggest you take gloves, a beanie and perhaps a scarf. I missed all this, and was cozy in my hoodie, but just know it is very windy at the top. Do not say, I did not warn you! 

November 18, 2021

Blessed to have stumbled across this beautiful tropical garden, here we met Cameron. I mean, this entrance alone, as intriguing as it is, we truly felt like we stumbled across a sweet piece of Garden of Eden. Cameron was kind enough to give us a small tour that lasted perhaps about an hour to find an incredible variety of beautiful exotic plants. The very definition I was looking for when creating my wedding bouquet and leis. I wanted to incorporate native growing tropicals but in order for me to do so, I had to consider 2 very important factors, Hawaii was embracing a very bad tropical storm when we were visiting. This meant a lot of the local farmers got washed out of many of their precious plants and crops. Along with this, we had to consider we arrived in Hawaii's winter time. This meant a lot of the flowers and orchids were baby stems and just barely blossoming. We were blessed enough to see baby orchids give such a radiant smell despite the fact that they are just blossoming. I mean we encountered an orchid that smelled like chocolate!!! That alone has given us reason to return and see this garden fully blossomed in the spring time. I really do hope when visiting Maui you get a chance to drive up and visit Cameron over at Nahiku Tropicals. Be sure to take cash and a house warming gift, and do not forget to mention O & Felipe sent you. 

Shoes for Hawaii Travel

December 17, 2021

If you have not read "The Linares" Blog you missed me letting you know where I got all my shoes I used for my wedding day and Hawaii. TBH, I am so happy I chose an easy shoe to slip on and off day of my wedding. I ended up barefoot after our ceremony, and I kid you not, I took about 6 different pairs for my trip and still felt like I needed MORE! Lol. After the Kate Spade heels I used for the ceremony when going to the next location, I quickly switched over to my boots. I had my socks tucked in them, and were a perfect choice to go horse back riding and explore the forrest for 2 of our photoshoots. Then again on the 4th location, we ended up barefoot at the beach. That being said, I used my hiking shoes for everything else when exploring the outdoors. For my trip, I also brought some really good anti-slip rubber flip-flops that were GREAT since I just had to rinse them from time to time to keep them clean from beach to beach. I used white netted slip on sandals to give my feet a "dressy" look. I also took with me a pair of sandal platforms which was great to up dress for the night. I missed to bring water shoes, so that's definitely a pair I would have make sure to bring next time. Along with a pair of extra tennis shoes to walk in. The weather is so beautiful when in Hawaii you will want to have an extra pair of clean shoes when switching out your muddy hiking shoes. Because there are NO PLASTIC BAGS in Hawaii, bring your own light weight bag and you will want to be sure to carry extra towels with you too. Hopefully a little mentioned above goes a long way for you. 

You can thank me later, safest travels! 

Elopement Ideas - For You

December 16, 2021

Ironwood Ranch

From the start to end, Tara was the person in charge in setting everything up for our special time here at Ironwoods Ranch. If there is one thing I could change, it would be to bring carrots and apples for the horses to eat. I completely missed to grab snacks that morning but the staff (Gigi and Emily) easily accommodated us onto the horses and on our way to create these beautiful images you see. It was my first time on a horse and I felt as nervous and confident as ever! I had so much fun through out the process and learned a lot here. I will definitely do it again and wonder why I hadn't done it sooner. Nonetheless, at least now I can say my first time on a horse was in Maui on my wedding day. If you haven't done this already, I REALLY recommend you give this a shot. You will feel like a total princess with your Prince Charming by your side! And if you are not going somewhere exotic to get married do not forget we live in the desert. Where the cowboys live since the 1900's and the rocks are a beautiful breath-taking scene to capture! I hope my team and I are able to help you create and capture the love you wish to illustrate. Cheers!

Location: Ironwood Ranch  ​| Tara's contact Information can be provided to you, just message me directly or fill out the contact form on the Oshoot website to get that number over to you as soon as possible. 

Enchanted Forest - Eloping

December 15, 2021

Honolua Forest

As you can see, this place is very much advertised as an enchanted forest by many local Hawaii photographers. Once Felipe and I arrived to check out the area, we realized this is actually a very sacred and special place to native Hawaiians. You will get yelled at if you try trespassing onto the beautiful scenery. There is a path to walk through and around. Like us, if you decide to make your way and strategically shoot here, I recommend you take closed boots and extra towels to clean mud off. Otherwise, I suggest you make a stop in Oahu in Honolulu and I promise you, you will find just as much beautiful and similar scenery and completely free range to shoot. We did both locations on different dates and I did not know Oahu had an area that was also like an enchanted forrest. It was so beautiful. I found 1 other bride here morning of our shoot. Other than that, it was all tourist hikers making their way to the waterfalls from there. But that is a blog for a different shoot another day. In the mean time, I will be sharing the photos to this beautiful enchanted place. Hope this helps you on your journey to creating your own magic once in Maui, HI. 

This is your sign to ELOPE

December 13, 2021

After blogging so much goodness throughout this process, I realized I loved the magic I created for us so much.. why not do it all over again for any special bride willing to share travel plans, laughs, and personal touch to create magic. 

Consider yourself blessed, you officially have me in your life and I am willing to do the most to create the magic you are seeking. From adventure to wedding bells, I would love to work with you to create the beauty you are seeking! And trust me, you do not have to settle for my photography skills to work with me. I can set you up to meet and work with other local photographers to fit the style you are seeking if I cannot provide what you are looking to create. I hope you are not shy to reach out and I hear from you very soon. 

Magic like this, does not happen over night. 

Looking to get Maui'd? 

December 11, 2021

After a week of travels and so much paradise!!! I am beyond excited to share all the beauty Felipe and I encountered in Maui  and Honolulu. Be sure to check out the Linares at Last blog  for further details into our elopement. I will be sharing vendors, locations, and rules encountered by the locals. 


Interview with Shoutout Arizona

November 30, 2021

This year since 2020 has been such a beautiful learning experience, even the ugly has been pretty amazing. On this interview, I talk about what a regular fun trip can look like for me, to the every day type of self care I constantly seek. Little to mention, God is the reason I wake everyday with such ambition and glory to praise him for such greatness and appreciate for what he is doing in my life. December plans are now happening because I manifested everything in January. God is good. This is just my story, imagine what God can do for you. I hope you get a moment to check out the article here. 

 A very special thank you to Mariel owner of  and fellow photographer friend. She is one of my preferred photographers on my wedding blog, so be sure you check out the rest of her magic she created for us. 

While in Hawaii

November 29, 2021

I will be traveling to Maui, Hawaii from 12/2/21 to 12/8/21 for our honeymoon vacation. On our last day, 12/9/21 we will be spending the day in Oahu, Honolulu. If you are interested in a photography shoot during this time, I will be checking messages and emails at the end of my days during the week. Please allow me 12-24hrs to receive a respond within this time. Thank you so much for your understanding, and most happiest of holidays to you all.

D.I.Y. Cards

November 9, 2021

Palm trees, elegance, spanglish, and wedding cheer is the theme for the cards I have designed for us. LOL! Sounds like much? Well it sorta is. While I am stuck to my computer at work, through out my days this month, I decided to check out a few different websites to create THE cards meant for us. I started with

They were fun to start with since they actually send you a free demo of what your design could actually look like. I used one of my favorite photos and when I received it, the bottom of my dress was cut off. I was not given the option to place the photo where I wanted it to print. Hmmm.. being a creative, you may not always know what you want, but you ARE mentally visualizing it. I knew this was not the design I wanted to settle for. I then ran into my friend Dezeray, she recommended I use, and I am so happy I did! 

As we prepare to take off to Maui on 12/2/21, I am checking off my checkmarks and making sure  I have everything we need to take off for our elopement. Since it's just us 2, I figured I would bring these save the date cards to have our photographer create more content for us. I created a trifold save the date and 2 married at last cards. I cannot wait to show you the results!! I will be gifting these to our parents only and sending the Digital photo/invite from Hawaii to our friends and families through our trip. Delivery on these cards reads to be 11/19. Just in time before the holidays too! Gives me some extra time to create something different if I do not like the turn out of these but I am 98% these are it! 

From our photos to the watercolor palm tree design and the writing placement, I was so impressed at the options I was able to do through out Zazzle for our cards. I highly recommend their site if you are looking to create a one of kind card for your special occasion. More details to come!