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Getaway Today 

Let O coordinate & create an experience for your travels. From your resort room to the experience out. I plan to make your trip a memorable one to never forget!

The Suite Life

Sedona, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon & Scottsdale, Arizona

Feeling adventurous in Sedona? How about Flagstaff? Or simply Scottsdale for an in town getaway for a fraction of the headache. If you do not live in Arizona, and have never been to Sedona, the Oshoot team has created a vacation series waiting for you to discover it's adventure. 

This getaway includes 1 King bed, a spacious suite with a fully stocked mini kitchenette that has you ready to cook or conveniently warm up any food you wish to eat. A full size fridge, microwave, oven and toaster are all part of the kitchen goods that are able to serve you a full breakfast if you wish to cook.

Nearby you will find heated Jacuzzi area or pool to indulge in relaxation, self care and if you're lucky an incredible view! More locations for travel are available. Content simply has not been created or destination has not been reached if you do not see other options available. Please do not hesitate to reach out and see how our team can help you. 

Elopement Getaway

Locations are endless. 

What is an elopement?

The very decision and action that allows you as a couple to celebrate your love as what you define "JUST US." Between 2-20 people who wish to experience your love's celebration with the intention to celebrate only YOU & YOUR LOVE for a fraction of the cost and headache of planning a huge wedding. To remember this adventure & your love's celebration with creative memories available today. 

Photography Experience

Personalized Individual Photoshoot

From how many photos you would like to the location and posing of your portraits, it is my job as your creative director to guide you and help you understand the process to creating and bringing your art to life. This experience can vary from location to the level of difficulty and adventure you wish to explore. Do not be shy to reach out to start planning for what is perfect for YOU.